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Braintree High School Graduation 1996
Albert Tu and I have been good friends since the ninth grade. Among his favorite activies are playing cello, mountain biking, and weight lifting. He graduated from Lehigh University in 2000 with a Electrical Engineering degree and we worked together at Motorola Mansfield for 1+ year.
Sanjeev Selavaraj is a Physics maniac as well as a creative writer and painter. The following link is a sample of his artwork: SanjeevArt.jpg. His list of favorite hobbies includes watching Japanese anime and constructing Gundam figures. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2000 with a Nuclear Engineering degree.
Matthew Eckelman and I met in the 6th grade when we were in the same homeroom.  I'll never forget the much needed assistance he gave me to help me survive the first few weeks at East Middle School.  Unfortunately, I have completely lost contact with him the past few years.  The last I have heard is that he is still in school at Amherst College.  If anybody knows his whereabouts, please forward me anything that may help me get a hold of him.  Thanks.
Garrett Lucash has been one of my closest friend since 1989. He is a member of the US Figure Skating Association and will be competing heavily in pairs competition for a spot on the US Olympics team.  In addition to skating for competitions, he also coaches at the Simsbury, CT ice skating rink. Since coaching will provide him with a sound financial future, he has decided that any further education for him is a total waste of time.  One last thing, if you'd like to go to a weird party, try to ask Garrett to put you on his guest list next time...